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We can help to transform your savings into a renewable source of reliable income that can last you all through retirement.

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About Ferguson Financial

When you meet with your financial advisor do you feel lost in a land of theory, analysis, and jargon?

Do you feel as if you and your advisor are speaking two different languages, making it impossible for him or her to truly understand your goals and concerns?

How, then, can you know if the financial decisions you make are the right ones for you?

At Ferguson Financial, our sole objective is to thoroughly understand our clients’ current financial situations, so we can provide the authentic financial advice they need to make smart decisions about their future.

Because no two financial strategies are alike, we offer a broad range of wealth management services, including:

Our Services

For more than four decades, Greg Ferguson has helped clients better preserve their savings and increase their retirement income through comprehensive financial planning services.

At Ferguson Financial, we believe it is essential for those who are retired or nearing retirement to understand all the options available to help them achieve the retirement they’ve always envisioned.

When you work with an advisor from Ferguson Financial you are working with an Income Specialist who understands the best ways to help preserve your savings, so you can use it as a renewable source of income in retirement.

When you work with a financial advisor from Ferguson Financial, you are working with a Retirement Income Specialist who understands the best ways to help preserve your savings.

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We provide a fully integrated financial plan, regularly reviewed and thoughtfully planned to help you handle upcoming life events.

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We help you identify essential tools that can protect you and your family from costly legal and financial complications. We will give thorough insight on wills, living trusts, healthcare directives, and Power of Attorney.

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At Ferguson Financial we actively engage with you to clearly define your long-term investment objectives then construct an investment strategy based on your long-term objectives

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Ferguson Financial has helped affluent families of the Minnesota area grow and preserve their wealth for more than 2 decades. We will provide thorough insight on IRA Legacy Planning, Long Term Care Policies, Asset Preservation and more.

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We work with our clients in four distinct areas to manage their life’s risk and protect their financial future. Asset Protection, Disability Income Protection, Life Insurance Protection, and Long-Term Care Protection.

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We Are a Proud Member of Retirement Income Source

Retirement Income Source is comprised of a national network of financial advisors who specialize in income-generating investment strategies designed to help protect your retirement savings.

As a Retirement Income Source, Greg Ferguson is uniquely qualified to help you enjoy financial peace of mind through reliable streams of income you can count on well into retirement.

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Your Ideal Retirement Awaits!

Let's Plan the Retirement You've Always Envisioned

4 Ways We Can Help You Do So

1. Risk Reduction

Our Income-based approach to planning and saving for retirement can help to reduce your exposure to market risk and economic uncertainty.

2. Income Generation

Our focus on income-generating investments means we can help you establish renewable streams of income you can count on well into retirement.

3. Tax Minimization

Our tax savings strategies can help you avoid paying more in taxes than you are legally obligated to. 

4. Social Security Maximization

We can help to ensure that you’ve done all you can to maximize your social security benefits and avoid leaving money on the table from this important retirement resource.

Virtual office appointments also available

Preview our short animated video which illustrates some important facts about retirement. By understanding how certain patterns tend to repeat themselves in the financial markets, you’ll be better prepared to avoid damaging losses to your retirement savings. If you like what you see, you can also sign up to watch the other videos in our animated series.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Greg was very professional and has outstanding expertise on financial matters. He listened carefully to our questions and concerns and answered them thoroughly, thoughtfully and succinctly. We would highly recommend Greg if you need guidance with your financial situation.
Bonnie L
Edina, MN
I was very happy with the financial plan that I received from Greg. Greg was very patient and asked questions that would assist him in providing us with a very helpful plan. Greg uses software that is very interactive and can be changed as life changes. Greg is very willing to adjust his schedule to meet with you and very willing to answer questions when needed. If you are looking for a financial plan that will help you be more financially secure or one that will help as you get closer to retirement, Greg would be the one that I would recommend. I give my highest recommendation.
Cheryl L
Eagan, MN
Very well. He looked at our investments in just the way we requested, without offering any other advice.
Catherine H
Edina, MN
As can be inferred from the comments above, the advice and assistance provided by Mr. Ferguson was worth every dollar of his fee. Knowing that he was working as a fiduciary rather than as a commission generating agent made his advice all the more valuable and trustworthy. His obvious insistence on integrity as an essential aspect of his business model suggests that reliance on his advice and judgment is well placed.
Paul J
Edina, MN
Great! Greg was very thorough and professional! Greg did a thorough review of my finances and insurance and made recommendations on how to rebalance my 401k to match the level of risk I was willing to take.
Mary B
Minneapolis, MN
Great, Excellent. Greg is a true partner and our one stop shop for all financial planning issues and work. While his quote won't look to be the cheapest, I think the value (the amount & quality of services and support relative to price) make it a great deal. Highly recommend.
Brian E
St Louis Park, MN

*Unpaid client reports via Angie’s List

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