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Who Is Your Trusted Contact?

Investment firms have a new client service requirement. They must now ask you if you want to provide the name and information of a trusted contact.1You do not have to supply this information, but it is certainly welcomed. The request is

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Still Procrastinating About Your Financial Plan?

First, look at your expenses and your debt. Review your core living expenses (such as a mortgage payment, car payment, etc.). Can any core expenses be reduced? Investing aside, you position yourself to gain ground financially when income rises, debt shrinks,

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72t Distributions

Do you need to access your retirement money early? Maybe you just want to retire before you turn 60 and plan a lifelong income stream from the money you have saved and invested.

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Using a Roth IRA as a College Savings Tool

At first glance, a Roth IRA might seem an unusual college savings vehicle. Upon further examination, it may look like a particularly smart choice. A Roth IRA allows you to save for college without the constraints of a college fund. This is

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The Saver’s Credit

Do you work part-time, or earn less than $65,000 a year? If so, you might be eligible to fully or partly claim the Saver’s Credit – a federal tax credit that gives part-time, low-income, and moderate-income workers an extra incentive to

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Facts About Refinancing

With interest rates rising, you may want to explore refinancing possibilities. How long do you want to stay in your home? How much money will you really save?

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